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Everything in the universe is made of intelligent energy. Einstein proved that energy and matter are interchangeable. A thought is an impulse or a surge of energy information. It is coded with language, but at the preverbal level, we just feel it. Language is not the same thing as thought. Language is the symbolic representation… Read more »

csl sunday service and events

Big Band Benefit Concert

Join Dr. Tom Sannar, Senior Minister Dr. Gisela Sannar and the entire OHOM community for an inner journey to genuinely perceive each other, to listen with the heart, and to discover our role in the world. Our Sundays at OHOM are filled with music and joy.
Sunday, March 29, 12 noon, Potluck and Music. With Richard James - Piano, Dick McGuane - Sax, Ron King - Trumpet, Russel Bizzett - Drums, Caleb - Bass, Mark Lessman - Sax, Aubrey Fey, Vocal, Whitney Shay - Vocal, Paula Prophet - Vocal, Rachel Drexel - Vocal.
Musicians donating their time and talent for the One Heart One Mind music program. Suggested Donation $20.

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